Look Good Corporate

Brand identity is essential to the success of any modern business. The way employees present themselves to the world, is as important an element of your company’s brand image as logos, websites, annual reports and advertising.

Look Good Corporate, a division of Fashion Nanny, delivers engaging and informative staff presentations – including the highly applauded ‘Man Talk’, developed by Fashion Nanny and co presented by George Mthembu – which empower employees to project and communicate a faultless brand image everywhere, every time.

These presentations are as enjoyable as they are educational, and a great way of bolstering brand consistency. They offer a generous boost to staff self-esteem, and are a great mechanism for staff bonding – a fresh alternative to the usual sporting and trust exercises.

Look Good Corporate also offers an ‘in-your-office’ personalized tailoring service to ensure that your brand is perfectly polished in its communication with the outside world.

Training and Development – The Polished Fit

“Giving YOU the Polished Edge!”

We advise and focus on:

  • What to say and what to wear.
  • Corporate fashion trends and expert business communication skills
  • Expert grooming tips
  • Interviewing skills and office etiquette
  • How to avoid social media death traps

We offer four individually focused courses, designed and aimed at specific industries, different life stages and careers.

We will guide new graduates on how to present themselves when stepping out into the real world for the first time while trying to find a career of choice.

We guide existing business owners to motivate and enrich their staff, while improving fundamental business skills. The Polished Fit educates and empowers through sharing knowledge and guidance to reaffirm core company values and principles on a customised basis, as well as how to improve business persona.

The Polished Fit GRADUATE

Are you looking to jump start your career? The Polished Fit will help you to present a completely polished version of yourself to new and prospective employers. We will teach you the ropes of job hunting and guide you on how to look professional and well groomed for stressful job interviews. Our guidance extends to advice on keeping your great job once you have been successfully interviewed.


The Polished Fitteaches admin personnel how to present themselves professionally, starting on suitable dressing habits, grooming and how to deal with customers on an internal and external level, including verbal, telephonic and written communication skills. We provide tips on social media pitfalls and personal branding to ensure that staff present the most polished version of themselveswithin the work environment.


The Polished Fit knows all the secrets of professional management skills on various levels of business, including how to understand different roles and functions, handling staff, team dynamics and delegation. We teach and educate team members to take core management principles to the highest level. Taking on the role of Manager is always a daunting task and The Polished Fit will assist to highlight the principles of communicating with staff, how to understand their needs, avoiding the “blanket approach”, managing feedback constructively and turning poor performance around positively. We also cover customer service, verbal, non-verbal, telephonic and written communication skills, grooming, personal branding and style.


The Polished Fit has extensive expertise in the running of a hospitality business. We provide expert advice to management and work teams within the hospitality industry. We cover how to have a polished, well groomed appearance, as well as the very important aspects of communication skills with guests and co-workers. The Polished Fit will ensure that your manager, maitre d’, hosts and hostesses, housekeepers, waiters and waitresses will know how to always present a perfectly polished front line to guests.


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