Fashion blog: The tiara

Last week i hosted fashion camp. A teen program for young girls highlighting the ultimate teen guide towards becoming a young lady.

One of my facilitators approached me about getting involved in a charity drive. A dedicated doctor, specialising in burn victims, was campaigning in the rehabilitation of young burn victims.

My involvement was to find a manufacturer specialising in bathing costumes to donate large quantities for these children during the water rehabilitation of the program.

Without question,i agreed to participate in the drive, however, finding ‘a willing donor’ is always tricky…

Towards the end of fashion camp, the last and most exciting segment of the course, is when the teen girls raid fashion nanny’s styling kit for their fashion shoot. Overflowing with necklaces, sunglasses, accessories galore including a tiara!

After the course had ended, one of the teen girls waited to be collected by her grandfather. She had become quite attached and literally fell in love with ‘the tiara’ from fashion nanny’s kit.

She began to talk about her grandparents and preceded to talk about the clothing factory they owned which specialised in bathing costumes… serendipity presented itself through the words of a teenager!

I then made a ‘fashion deal’ with the keen teen to simply introduce me to her grandparent,who i then explained in detail,this great opportunity.

It so happened that this grandfather supplied swimming costumes to all the chainstores in South Africa and also had the disney license. Through stringent license laws, any overruns and rejects from Disney production is not allowed to be sold,but must be given away…

Serendipity struck again! I found my donor!

And the teen got her tiara!

On passing on this very sentimental tiara,i felt an immense sense of love and goodness. I told her how this tiara would be special throughout her life as it was contributing towards something good.

Thank you!

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